(Builds on a physics model described in the essay available for free pdf download here: Applying topics addressed in Common Cause – An Indictment, available for free pdf download here:


Gravity is “internally intrinsic and formative” to all matter, it results from a “specialized” differentiation in electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism is best likened to the entire base level constituency of “everything”, as a field-where disparate components moving as field tendencies act to create the overall topography of the “chaotic” field at large. The tendencies are not uniform, and they pull and push field “regions” in flux with other field “regions” continually; the total “fourth dimensional friction” that is the topography of the “pre-gravity” field (time is the fourth dimension), eventually yields indescribably small (everything described here is infinitely small) gyroscopic tendencies -swirling “constituencies of the field”, moving inward from every direction, and at this point, the “prime field” has ceased being so chaotic, because propagating gyro-scoping tendencies within the electromagnetism that are the eventual result of what electromagnetism at large always was, are not features of a chaotic universe.

From this, resonances begin to strengthen as they start to contain variances in the local field at large, creating another level of the “now internal” friction: Strong and weak nuclear fields. -Which means only matter exists, because volume and what causes weight both develop in the field in tandem; the mass/matter dichotomy results from the mathematical definitions and parameters set by the physicist’s calculations, not to mention the point of view of a sentient being attempting to define reality without accounting for sentience and the intent of sentience, all the while only using math for his eyes (which is the practice of quantum mechanics).

-At any rate, the matter of Earth, all molecules and atoms from the core to the outermost shell of the atmosphere, are all held together by gravity, each atom internally, so the total physicality of the Earth has a set “fixed gravity resonance”.


Take a bunch of metals and other required materials out of the Earth and machine them to two crafts: A disc with a large bump/protuberance at center top and three protuberances at center bottom; and a ship that looks more like a large sphere at the center of a disc.


A tower at the center of the ship, running from internal to the ship’s outerbottom layer to internal to the top layer at both ends of the tower, -also forms the central column of the interior. The feature generates a large gryo-scoping electromgatic field. The field:

1. Offsets the internal gravity binding the atoms in the materials of the ship to a sufficient degree to offset a degree of weight. -The initiated “to be propagated” state.

2. Sets the ship to “its own gravitational surrounding”, apart from the ground of the Earth because it sufficiently cancels out the “fixed gravity resonance” of Earth. -Dynamic of the initiated state.


With a floating ship, just about any method of propulsion will require some fuel, and this type of ship uses aspects of what is provided by WIST (Weaponized Inter-dimensional Space-Time) to throttle a type of “drive” that serves as its own fuel.

How sentience focuses collective intent around symbols, colors and rays of energy, and how the total focus and experience of all consciously aware sentient beings is available to be detached to any degree from any person by WIST (Weaponized Interdimensional Space Time) is required and that’s a big topic. Quoting the “Common Cause – An Indictment” p 53 (Freemason Symbol):

Open compass(es) over the square, “G” in open area. It represents to lower level members “our right to intimate, private sexual expression” (It’s a symbolic diagram of the front view of a vagina, including the clitoris and depicting (to initiates) the location of the g-spot.), and it makes sense to Freemasons, added to a millennia-old order, because the church (and royalty) was too restrictive and invasive. It was all disguised as having to do with builders, because it was started and controlled by the builders.

-And following the overall agency of Weaponized Interdimensional Space Time (WIST):

The letter G is there because it is (also) used to compound sentient conceptualizations with those of members of other orders that operate independent and often against one another, so that without anyone suspecting, the evil can control gravity.

“The letter G”, at its conceptual “secret Freemasonic teaching” is associated to gravity, – not hard to see how – and with enough intents disembodied from sentient experience gathered with sentient conceptualizations by WIST, this class of craft is propelled. Every conceptualization about the Freemason Symbol can be used: Sex is something consciously aware sentient beings are commonly driven to pursue. They are commonly going to enjoy it, and the internal experience of arousal leading to orgasm, as it intensifies, can easily be likened to pressure building in the anticipation of “arriving”, releasing to “getting there” and “having gone” -all at the same time.

In the act of sex it is common to exclaim “Oh my God”, and to the illuminated view of the Mason, God among other things is a source of (white) light. A white mist-like field, a field of consciousness in potentia – ground state is just to the interior of the central column inside the craft, the field is ready “to collapse” (by mechanical trigger) to sentient execution of will, and the will is taken from the population at large.

The New Age is a National Socialist-ran psyop designed specifically to place enough sentient attention on the required symbols, colors, and meanings to make the “Nazi science” needed for the ships to perform, while as a social structuring operation the New Age eases the psyche into the acceptance of communist ideals. “I” is Yellow energy of intellect; Blue is the energy of “Emotive Reason”; Red is “Will to Accomplish”, the New Age teaching on this is that the energies themselves are governing to these specific attributes that are present in all of creation.

Red light, held to be “of import” to any group on the planet, combined with any group associating Red light to “the will to act” provides the ground for how fast the ship moves, and to some extent what it can be used for – one bump on the bottom of the exterior of the ship is a physical “red light center”. The same “ground for function” definition goes for all Yellow and Blue light sources, which are the other two bumps; Yellow for ease of intelligent control (along with methods to impact the intellect of targets remotely) then Blue for strategic maneuvers (and leveling emotional disruptions in targets).

 The “Purple Light” of the Nazi New Age is “attuned to the higher consciousness of alien species” – so, with the intellectual concept of “higher” and a ground for the function needed to convince targets remotely that they themselves automatically believe the craft is alien, sightings are staged and timed. (Mixing “Blue and Red Energies”, as taught in the New Age, makes a color of energy “for certain type of healing or protection”.)


The second type of craft (one sphere at center, “through” the disc) uses the control of gravity to cushion the inertia of the ship’s method of travel. Picture the “Ley-Lines Grid” of the Earth as a 3 dimensional sphere, its whole field resonance cuts through the physical Earth as its own allocation of the space between the superstring-based states of the Earth’s matter and the physical planet. The Ley-lines are resonant to the sphere of the craft, and its hull absorbs unimaginable G-forces as it takes 90 degree turns and reverses without decreasing velocity. (This type of craft, using what people call “Ley-lines”, has been nearly public private knowledge for some time.) The Electromagnetic Rail System is known to shift and curve while maintaining its grid structure, grounding more elaborate maneuvers.


For a decent intro to the physics being discussed, try out this thought experiment:

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