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                If I was broken down through the physical, or built up again incongruous to visible form and still appearing the same; distending from my presence unseen, then passersby can redeem themselves at any time as my new form courses through the streets – or cower in a foreign and sudden chill or flash of heat. It’s a sliding scale, a gradient of scars or improvements, solely dependent on proxemics – on intentional distance internalized, caught in whirling physical plasma superimposed in pockets of air but vertical through the body, or through the floor.

On the other side -after the spinning stops- the universe may open to unknown location, at positions impossible to find and if you don’t question how the connection is made, you become theirs.

Homeland theme songs and international sporting events to push world community are a universal formative for goodwill in competition, and reasons to watch and buy between seeing people who trained all their lives to compete fail or succeed for their nation. -Fundamental formative of “nation not person”.

All matter delivered to the same result -getting broken down through the physical, but if you’re not knowingly participating your processing is the function of unseen, fabricated space time. If you are knowingly participating, you are at war.

-Universal fabric contorting, twisting black and heaving with coal dark mist, preliminary catharsis, the endemic formative -snakes as holograms shot into the subconscious with what the newest printing of our currency is valued at, thanks to the international community. Parameters of the body desecrate at the offense, the person of each citizen slides to the right and downward, the being of people in coarse surfaces tears apart, but manages its assemblage ghostly, monstrous leaning out, superimposed through their physical forms.

Whole world led by internal masters – the few, the overpowered and demons swarming in feast:  

-You can tell when the bites clamp down, stinging in haunting flinches the body will never demonstrate – serpentine jaws take a person from both sides, through dimensions two fangs enter a spine deranged from the skeleton, leaning to the right, encouraging the victim’s posture to follow with its phantom, resonant field grasp.

“I never wanted any of this to happen. I never wanted any of this to happen.”

-Echoes in whispers through boxes of flesh grown out from the spaces in between rungs on invisible ladders, each contains a mass built into two fangs and embodying pure volition, each of their bites dig in, reaching through resonant parameters, through dimensions’ fragility or, haunts anyone just the same.

Swore I met them before. Swore it was my time then – pledged through all the enclosing translucent partitions dulling sensibilities, encumbered by atmosphere – the guilty will pay.  

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