Common Cause – An Indictment

Formerly, appropriately, directly demanding redress; detailing, giving ground for, dimensions of, and the parameters to the war on sentience, against sentience and through sentience, the second work prefaced by the essay “-Unifying Physics”. Terms have been changed in the preface. 11/21

A twelve page indictment introduced and presented to demonstrate sufficient cause. Includes the first five parts of “Materials Submitted to the Grand Jury” – 116 pages so far. The work will be updated in installments. Section 5. Covers the Media & Weather Control, and among other things explains the true meaning behind the attacks of 9/11/01, the actual use and scale of the Mk-Ultra program, and some fundamentals of space travel. Several articles on the blog are sections of what will be worked into later versions of this work. It is a “Living Gnostic Work” Latest update: 5/4/2021 FREE. Printable Download

Different types of people approach things differently. This presentation will be better suited for some than the first offering, which is here: To show financial support:

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