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When the study of mathematics equates the italicized lowercase “i” symbol to the square root of negative one, it amounts to calling the “number negative one” a workable factor, but negative one cannot define anything; it is a fictitious quantity to start with, and the symbol is called the imaginary symbol. Negative numbers themselves, even negative one (which apparently has a square root) represents nothing:

Two tables in the room, one has four piles, seven things per pile for total of twenty eight things.

The other table has nothing, in terms of negative numbers, on the second table, to measure the negative number four you’d have to say there are not four piles on the table, to get the negative number seven you’d have to say there are not seven items in each of the four piles that are not there, and yet, negative four times negative seven, as we all remember from school, equals positive 28.

-There is nothing to measure on table two and by the rules of math applying to negative numbers, there are twenty-eight items on the second (empty) table? The result is the so-called physical demonstration of negative numbers being used as workable factors.

Sentient conceptualization is structured as it develops, learning in school for example that all numbers have their opposite – positive one and two have their opposites, negative one and two, as it is with all other numbers – and two negatives multiplied together equals a positive. The first tabletop example requires adding the four units of seven items together in one step called multiplication; the example of tabletop two has no logical addition method behind the multiplication, there is nothing on the table.

So, are we calling this imaginary? Then the square root of negative one, because it is given a symbol mathematicians can factor (as in 7i times 4i) is somehow the foundation for how two amounts of things that aren’t there can “add up” to a total sum of things that are there.

-That is imaginary, and in the world where sentience is accounted for in physics, with people unknowingly calculating intent, which is sentient derived, every time negative numbers are used the process it is founded on the principle that the imaginary is real – in real world demonstration, this may be said to be behind how it is that on a planet with constant mounting problems, with multiple negatives reported daily, masses of people can be relied upon to regularly “calculate” things in general out to be positive, repeatedly, for centuries, no matter how bad it gets (this planet is governed by one application of physics controlled to the benefit of the minority, and calling what is secretly calculated as intent the imaginary workable (meaning real in math) negative factor has a purpose; it is one system used in the overall orchestrations employed by the designated superior to undo the designated inferior).


From the perspective of system-based management, where the systems to be managed are represented as a confluence of the dynamic constituencies of existence, because in matter, sentience, and its intent all of the universe is present – when recording dynamics for their physical presence alone – everything that exists actually is every one of us. We all live on a planet made from matter built to be absent sentience, and our own bodies are arrangements of biomechanical commitments shared by matter-based systems -cells need oxygenation, so the body needs to breathe; the heart is needed to circulate blood, so the nervous system circulates a bio-chemical brand of current, and the heart beats- sentience is added to this arrangement, becoming dependent on the matter of the filaments of brain material called axons and neurons in particular, but the biomechanical equation here is a result of how life was built into a matter-founded system. Given the base constituencies of reality, life does not require biomechanical dependence. The “being a body” part of life is induced and in actual fact the concentration of consciousness latent to the field into sentience is induced (in our situation).

To demonstrate this by using a physics-based equation, starting with the matter (and the matter of everything made to be part of the system) you have the symbol “m” (it cannot mean “mass” with gravity accounted for in its formulation), then as a concentration of consciousness you have “c-squared”, and to denote that this sentience is generating intent to override instinct (or that sentience can in part, come to do so), you take the symbol “italicized lowercase i”, and you mash them all up:

The equation representing this existence and life in it is mc(squared)i equals the number one, which means the field of reality is unified if there is no field recognition for the quality of sentient action; by this mathematical account there is the ability to act out intent as a sentient being in a physical universe, but the sentience, in all its decision making capacity cannot act in a negative or positive way – that would require measurable processing of sentience at the level of its field content. This system cannot allow for that, so to apply this model, in practice their physics changes (write this out if it helps you to get it):

mc(squared)italicized lowercase i, sub-script capital “I”, then  put a line under that, beneath the line write out the same thing except this time, make the subscript a capital “S” (placed to the bottom right of the last symbol, same size as the “two” in c(squared), then write an equal sign, then the number one, which as one unit, says:

The consciously aware sentient being who can act out intent to override instinct, that is defined as inferior is constantly undone to some degree by the same type of being that is defined as superior (subscript I equals “inferior”; subscript S equals superior). Because the equation equals one, the statement being made is “all life must be driven forward by the undoing of the weak by the strong” – without it the physical system, what the equation represents, contains no “dynamism”, meaning there is no sustainable action possible in the expression of the life defined by this math. To boil it down, the weak of the system must be constantly undone by the strong of the system, and this unifies a reality the minority has made so that their kind is able exert exclusive control over it.

The fact of existence is people can tell right from wrong, and therefore they are not accurately represented by the mc(squared) italicized lowercase i paradigm whatsoever. People apply how they feel and what they know when they decide to act and this cannot be separated from the intent expressed by sentience, so the actual equation of the unified field (which must account for every part of existence directly) is, mc(squared)LW(over) lowercase italicized i equals the number one. Explaining the latter symbol: L equals the amount of sentiment and W equals the amount of applied knowledge expressed in action, while at the same time all sentient action expresses an amount of intent, diminishing in a sense the expression embodied by every action, because every time you’re dealing with the subjective intent as expressed in the moment, and time is perpetual, so accurate betrayal of the action-taking process in the absolute is expressed by the combination of symbols LW (over) lowercase italicized i.

However, the minority was first to the physics, they apply the former equation to the solar system they built and yet, the process can never eliminate the facts of the total field. For one, the unified field equation accounted for in the LW over lowercase italicized i model is a direct representation of a dynamic system, so there is no need for a modified equation to account for the dynamics of existence “as applied”, the opposing (mc(squared) lowercase italicized i model must be expressed as the dynamics of the weak being undone by the strong or else you aren’t dealing with its physical facts.


Demonstrating the facts of the universe in these terms requires a combination of the above equations (both represent physical systems demonstrated as the lived, experiential world), in a process that accounts for all dynamics particular to the systems defined. Beginning with the facts of existence, (again write this out if it helps):

mc(squared) LW over an italicized lowercase i “is being undone by” (so draw a line under the preceding, then under the line write out), mc(squared) italicized lower case i, subscript capital “I” over the same thing with subscript capital “S”.The system founded as an application of mc(squared) lowercase italicized i describes, when it comes down to it, the process of building then running a solar system, accounting even for the level of personal interaction, defining all interactions in their total sum, to be what drives the whole system forward (the inferior are undone by the superior because the physical system can’t work any other way, if it did, in short order people would have to acknowledge an actual right from an actual wrong).If you lived in a world that is defined by the undoing of the facts of the unified field, you’d expect a planet herded more than guided by constant existential conditions, where the methodology of people being expected to follow “what must happen or else” becomes the norm – so that no system-designated inferior has the wherewithal to organize and undo plans capitalizing on this existential dynamic -where you cooperate or you are to varying degrees no longer counted – as plans are continually rolled out and enforced by the superiors and the people they use in the process. (Our reality)

In our reality, the planet was built, and what fits under the line in the last part of the equation given thus far represents its total system in action (us and everything traveling with the sun, and more). This system reproduces itself, since the entire dynamic is embodied by the strong in a constant process of undoing the weak the result is always the eventual death of each built solar system, where all resources are used up in the meta-processes required by the physical methodology of undoing the weak. So the system reproduces itself in all its dynamics or else all life it has made ceases, and in our equation describing reality for what it currently is, there is now a reason add a second mc(squared) lowercase italicized i, subscript capital “I” with a line under it, under the line, write the same thing, but with the subscript capital “S”. (Put this one to the right of the first part of the equation, leaving room for a mathematical symbol to be placed between the two.)

With the two sets of dynamics representing the physical fact of a self-reproducing system, each local solar system makes several copies of itself (the second set of dynamics, identical to the bottom of the first part of the equation is there to account for the reproducing system), and the system depicted reproduces itself in part to deny the influence of the rest of the unified field, which again, is accounted for by what’s on top in the first part of the equation. The two parts of the equation reality “is writing” must be separated by a multiplication symbol, because each solar system makes several new versions of itself, making:

mc(squared)LW over lowercase italicized i over mc(squared) lowercase italicized i, subscript capital “I”, over mc(squared) lowercase italicized i, subscript capital “S” times (use a dot for the multiplication symbol), then write out what is under the line in the first part again. After all that, write an equal sign, then the number one.

What you’ve written down is the current equation that describes our existence in its total fact. By the rule of mathematics, the two repeated arrangements of symbols cancel one another out, which is the actual process of evil ending. In fact the equation states that reality as a whole, works as a whole with the end to evil (or the end to all that is in the way of the rest of existence), being constantly accomplished.

If you’re into some degree of personal, for yourself type of practice, to capitalize on this idea without stressing out over it or even much thinking about it, write the equation down on a piece of paper and put the paper under a lamp you rarely use. Leave it there, and occasionally turn on the lamp, so the equation has light on it. Don’t bother thinking about how this might help or what the process of it working even involves. Depending on how you manage your intent in the rest of your life, this simple practice can become quite meaningful. (If you start this, make sure you get what the equation is saying, then literally attempt no thought about the process.)  

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