“Liberals” never had to mean: The people who liberally spend without concern for efficacy.

“Conservatives” never had to mean: The people who back corporatist policy on paper while appealing to socially just ideals. (-Applies in its own way to Liberals.)

-The people who buy both parties and their every policy have legislated it be that way; the Federal Reserve was started by an Act of Congress; SuperPACs and Lobbies have been given full sway over candidates’ funding -it started to be noticed under Reagan, and now there are no laws requiring that candidates disclose their funders’ identities; no laws allowing the citizenry to see the names of the financial interests supporting their candidate.

How the corporatist state works through both parties, whose proven ploy is to allow a Reserve Bank-valuated currency to regularly change how much you can buy with the currency (while impacts of Fed rate actions result in rising prices):


Make public works/welfare plans at the order of their corporate sponsors, and it is why every one of them is an overblown expenditure offering little to no long term benefit. The plan looked good and could be sold, then it got funded and corporations metered out how to keep funding flowing for as long as possible while not spending nearly enough in the areas needed to make the program efficiently serve the people.


Make reasons to lessen regulation to businesses and financial institutions while not altering (or by creating) tax loopholes for the wealthiest businesses and banks. Their plans look good and can be sold, but just as with liberals, the process of putting the plan together is baiting the public with short term benefits (that are often promises lost in committee or are stipulations that are set to expire) followed by enough political stumping on whatever talking points are required.


Parties have enabled the corporatist state globally; the same basic line between organized political interests exists in every “Free State” or republic on the planet. There is no cause to think rule by party system was ever intended to benefit anyone more than the people who are most directly responsible for funding their candidate’s rise to elected office. -If those elected work for policy to challenge corporatist agendas, parties and people lose funding, and it’s parties who get people into office.


People need limits -and yet no discussion of limiting corporate interest in the medical industry is aired, while “Corporatist Medicine” has people living against how the facts of immunology work.

Medical science does not quarantine the healthy. Medical Science does not risk weakening the immune system by impacting respiration, limiting air available and limiting air’s escape with masks – people wear PPE in unsafe environments. Assuming everyone is sick, when it’s handled like this, weakens everyone’s immune system. Here’s the Immunology of the idea explained with a baseball analogy:

Your immune system is the clean-up Hitter. He is the at-bat meant to drive home four runs, or at least get on base. -He’s the guy you’re counting on for the first homerun; so it’s what he practices. He swings at fastballs and sliders all day, and the more “game-like” the pitch the better.

Your immune system trained all your life to knock the ball (any threat to health) out of the park, and yearly some people get a flu vaccine; a weakened version of the virus itself. Now your immune system beats a dumbed-down opponent annually, but what about years when your every-second, automatic immune function, would have kept you Flu-Free without the shot?

What about the years when your immune system rose to the challenge of breaking the virus after contracting it full strength? If that happens your naturally made antibodies are endlessly superior to anything vaccines will provide.

You’ve set up an All-Time All Star Hitter – the guy that got you to the big game (let’s say it’s facing coronavirus), with a batting tee and given him a few balls, somehow expecting that in 6 weeks of not seeing a real-life pitch he’ll bring home the win.

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS A GLOBAL CORPORATIST STATE, whose influence supports a model of medicine following methodologies to bring profits to the people and corporate interests who fund their facilities and positions, while ensuring corporatist policy – not medical science; not immunology, is the sole deciding factor uniting every international medical intervention it sanctions.