Knowledge as Commodity Disavows Life as Poetry. [WHITE ELEPHANT SALE] – A Novel

Not for the faint of heart. Mature Content.

[White Elephant Sale]

This site is about presenting the reality-defining “war in knowing” in ways not traditionally communicated. The war forms and enforces general cognitive models on behalf of whole societies of people without any notice, giving them the view of the world they adopt for life, without promise anyone anywhere is actually certain of a sound direction to head.

The essay “Preface – Unifying Physics” is included before the novel, completing the presentation as a New Gnostic work. Consider the content for its value. Feel free to print out the pdf (total 108 pages) -if you get an idea as to what it’s worth and can afford it, pay any amount at the link. It’s be much appreciated. Terms have been updated in the preface as of 11/21


“Forever has it been that all shadows
fall in what seems written an ancient language,
where rituals are performed by mere echoes
of motion sliding steadily across the ground.” -pg 5

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