Knowledge as Commodity Disavows Life as Poetry.

White Elephant Sale – A Novel

Not for the faint of heart, this work is prefaced by the founding document and is the second offering of planned "Shorter Works..." (about 47 thousand words) -free content on the blog is the first. It explores darker thematic elements suggested in "Preface -" without pulling punches. Avant-Garde Narrative Writing, formatted to match the theme and register an impact. -A Conceptual Presentation, where EVERY DETAIL of its composition speaks to its urgency and its message. Includes a Picture, (not pictured). At -selections are all post-headings referencing "the book". Assign the work its value-Price Variable: Free Download, an "amount of purchases" using one of three pay buttons then download, or remember to "buy it" at an appropriate time upon its reading.


Second assessment of worth

“Forever has it been that all shadows fall in what seems written an ancient language, where rituals are performed by mere echoes of motion sliding steadily across the ground.” -pg 5


Third Value Considered

"As a matter of public record: When a patrol arrives, all civilians will turn around and place their hands on their heads in an automatic response to presence, this cannot be helped. Argument on this point, though inevitable, goes against the Principle of Entropy. Can’t figure how lights flash on ward from no detectable points of origin." -pg 13


“Lock everyone away if they cannot get over the fact that all currency is, AT BASE, pieces of paper only evaluated through collective agreement, and we live in a world WHERE PEOPLE STARVE. -Hold your head up.” -pg 59 View at 250% zoom

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